Activity Instructions
  • First pick a topic that are on the left side of Wiki page: autism, behavior disorder, down syndrome, gifted education. (5 people per topic)
An example is sign language, you can click to view this example if you need reference .
  • You will create a page and give information about your topic. The way you want to create your page is up to you.
  • The following have to be included in your page: answer to the questions provided below, one video per group, one picture from each member of the group , and one activity.
    • Answer the following the questions in your topic page:
    1. How to accommodate the needs of the students?
    2. What are some teacher assessments that can be use?
    • Create an activity that could apply in a classroom setting incorporating the student with special needs (base on your topic) and post it on your page. Describe how the activity is going to influence all the students in the classroom .

    • How to post a video:
      • Search for a video
      • Once you find your video copy the link of the video.
      • Go back to the Wiki of Special Education and on your topic page click on edit this page.
      • Click on link (on the tool-bars)
      • A new window is going to open, go to external link
        • On link text write the name of the video
        • On the address paste the link of your video
        • Click on add link
    • How to post a picture
      • Search for a picture
      • Save the picture in your computer or jump drive
      • Go back the Wiki of Special Education and on your topic page click on edit this page.
      • Click on File (on the tool-bars)
      • Click on Upload Files and pick your picture file.
      • Last, double click on your picture illustrated on the box.

    • Once you edit your page click save.

Note: Make sure that only one person is editing at the time for each topic, otherwise you could lose some information. If for some case this happens you can retrieved the information lost using the history link. If you have question ask people in charge of the activity.Gifted Education Video