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How to Make Accommodations for your Gifted Students
First, the teacher would identify that the student is gifted. The student would then read IEP created for them. Then incorporate the accomodations from the IEP as well as general accomations used for gifted students. Some include:
1. Group gifted students with other gifted students or higher-level learners.
2. Encourage creative expression and thinking by allowing students to choose howgifted_students.jpg
to approach a problem or assignment.
3. Provide learning centers where students are in charge of their learning.
4. Determine where students’ interests lie and capitalize on their inquisitiveness.
5. Ask students’ higher level questions that require students to look into causes,
experiences, and facts to draw a conclusion or make connections to other areas of
6. If possible, compact curriculum to allow gifted students to move more quickly
through the material.
7. Encourage students to make transformations- use a common task or item in a
different way.
8. Create an environment where ideas are accepted without being evaluated and
criticized; where risk-taking is encouraged.
9. Provide a learning-rich environment that includes a variety of resources, media,
tasks, and methods of teaching
10. Allow students to make choices in their learning.
11. Help them learn to set their own learning goals, then provide them with the
opportunity to work towards those goals.

Assessing Gifted Children

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The following are activity ideas that will challenge and excite your gifted student


Design a Town

  • Students can expand their imaginations by creating towns, cities, islands or countries. Using the example of a town, each student would give his or her town a name, statistics (population, imports/exports, male to female ratio, national pastimes, climate averages), a flag, a theme song and a system of government. Additionally, students could draw maps of their towns incorporating important businesses/organizations or perform "A day in the life of someone from " in front of the class.

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