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Sign Language (Deafness)

How to accommodate the needs of the students?

Passionate About Interpreting

Provide Sign Language Interpreters for Deaf Students

Sign Language in Action

Sign Language in the Gym

Sign Language in Public Schools

Use as Many Visuals as Possible for Hearing-Impaired Students Provide Videos with Subtitles
Video With Subtitles

Partner and communicate with parents to effectively grasp the special needs of individual deaf students

Appropriate seating arrangement is crucial for deaf students to have a clear view of the teacher and the board. Positioning the chairs in an arc is suggested best


What are some teacher assessments that can be use?

Flexible assessment time.


  • Please be sure that instructions/directions are written on exams. As the Sign Language may not stay in the class while the student is taking a test it is wise to give full detailed instruction and/or directions before testing begins. Teacher should also provide written instruction so that the student can refer back to them if need be.
  • Grading process for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals should be the same as other students, regardless of wheatear it is on daily assignments or on test/exams. If individual has had ample time for studying grammar, punctuation, and terminology they should be held to the same standard as other students, (unless otherwise indicated on the IEP). Deadlines on assignments.
  • Personal involvement is very important because we will get students involved in the assessment process, taking responsibility for their own education and their own future.
  • Another example of critical thinking assessment involves consumer responses to mass media. It can be used in reading, writing and language arts classes.
  • Teachers can assess critical thinking skills through a variety of nontraditional methods. Videotaped scenarios can be used to illustrate key concepts, encouraging students to analyze what they see, and to apply newly learned concepts.

Activity for the Students in Class:

1) We will give the hand shapes tool for all the kids.
2) We will assign to each student to find their names in sign Language.
3) After they find and learn how to spell in sign language their names, the kids will have to present it in front of the class. In that way other kids will be able to learn from the others.
4) Our goal is to make every student be part of the sign language program. For us is very important communication in the classroom, for that reason we will create an environment where kids with impairment and deaf can be able to communicate with other kids.

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